Calendar Display

Calendar Display

Our 2019 Calendar launch introduces three unique ways for you to display your calendar in.
Wooden Stand
The petite block makes its return from last year, allowing you to customise a meaningful message for yourself or for a loved one! It makes for a great personal touch to a gift.
Approximate dimensions: 
Dawn and Dusk: 115mm(l) x 27mm(w) x 140mm(h)
Bloom Again: 115mm(l) x 27mm(w) x 185mm(h)

Wooden Frame

Following that, we have a more robust wooden frame that encases the suspended calendar between two glass panes. This is perfect for a minimal and rustic detail to any space. The glass frame allows for a dual view, which pairs very well with our 2019 calendars that are printed on both sides. Practicality and aesthetics in one!

Approximate dimensions: 
Dawn and Dusk: 166mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 182mm(h)
Bloom Again: 166mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 222mm(h)

Gold Frame

For those with a more exquisite taste, consider the contemporary gold double frame. This fully showcases the calendar in all its beauty, encasing it in a bold fashion; it will become the centrepiece of the room. Certainly an option for those with elegant decor. Comes with rubber stoppers to hold the calendar in place.

Approximate dimensions: 
Closed: 157mm(l) x 16mm(w) x 203mm(h)
Opened: 314mm(l) x 8mm(w) x 222mm(h)
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