From Wedding Bliss to Home Serenity

Born and bred in Singapore, Pine on Paper has been crafting dreams since 2015 as a dedicated wedding stationery specialist. Guided by a passion for creativity and a foundation in foilstamping, we've been privileged to bring personalized, dream-worthy wedding stationeries to our clients.

Expanding our commitment to enriching your everyday moments, Pine on Paper is delighted to introduce our new line of scented products. Now, we can bring the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail from your wedding day into your daily life.

Indulge in our thoughtfully curated home scented products, each crafted with the same love and precision that defines our wedding stationery. Elevate your living spaces with captivating aromas, carefully chosen and perfected by our team of creatives.


Greeting Cards

Discover our exclusive collection of in-house designed greeting cards! Perfect for any occasion, these unique cards add a personal touch to your heartfelt messages.