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Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)
Season of Abundance (Backorder)


Season of Abundance (Backorder)

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Hop into the new year with our latest release.

This year’s packets are crafted using fabric papers with cloth-like textures mimicking the gentle nature of the Rabbit. Featuring bunnies nestled in a lush forest on the design, we hope to pass on the blessings of longevity, peace, and prosperity to your recipients, symbolic of rabbits. 


  • 2 pieces in a pack 
  • Satin touch paper, specially sourced locally, approx. 220gsm
  • Includes matte copper and matte gold foil stamping on design
  • Large enough to fit a $1,000 Singapore bill
  • Measures approximately 175x88mm
  • Made in-house in Singapore

To note

Backorders are made from a different material. Appearance is identical to what's pictured!

Foil personalization

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  • The area for foiled personalized text is fixed and as shown

Box set

  • Orders with 10 packs and above will come packaged in a box without individual plastic poly bags (available on request)

Order ships out early January 2023. You will receive a notification when your order has been shipped out!